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United Airlines: considered harmful to disabled persons
Thanks to John Coxon for alerting me to this:

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Thanks hon.
I'm in the same boat she is.
Severe peripheral neuropathy in both feet (no, I'm NOT diabetic, they don't have a clue W.T.F. caused it) is not a visible disability but there are times when I just can't walk more then half a city block and I spend far too much time doing a "Greg House" imitation (popping vicodin like jellybeans).
I proposed a panal on non-visible disabilities at a con a few months before you friended me. It got good response.

Well, as you may have seen me mention over on fb, carrying a walking stick caused both Air Canada and UK Customs & Immigration to fall all over themselves being helpful. Even if a cane wouldn't help your foot pain, it might be useful as a social signalling device. There are some folding and telescoping ones that might be handy to whip out as required.

I don't normally use a stick--that was the first time I carried one. A guest from the UK had left it behind, and carrying it seemed like the most certain way of returning a family heirloom to him. I turned down all other offers of help [wheelchair, golf-cart ride] but they were quite insistent about not letting me stand in line. They also rearranged seating so Colin and I could sit together.

I am usually in a lot of pain after a flight. It was a lot better than I expected, this time. Maybe standing around on terrazzo _is_ part of the problem. I always thought it was the uncomfortable seating.

FWIW, I'm older than evilpuppy--45 vs 29--and I have gray hair. Maybe that helped? She mentioned elderly people getting a lot of help. I certainly don't look frail, though it's possible I used the cane in a convincing manner.

Which con? It's a great idea and I'd like to hear more about it. I would not be surprised to hear that *most* disabilities are invisible.

Cane signals are not always correctly received - somebody pulled green_trilobite's from his hand at Pearson because he was about to go through the metal detector, and he fell to the floor - on the upside, they sure rushed to help us after that....

That sucks. I had someone ignore the fact that my arm was in a sling and shove me so he could get on a subway car before people finished getting off. Since I had broken my elbow two days previously, it was quite painful. Nothing works 100% of the time. Still, what happened to green_trilobite is inexcusable. I hope he wasn't injured or badly shaken.

Zenten: That would be wonderful! If Kerry could go to and fill out a programme participant form, that would be really excellent. Thanks for the suggestion.

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